Sunday, March 27, 2016

Digital drawings

I like to use digital drawings (Photoshop, Paint, Microsoft  Office Picture Manager……. ) to modify my sketching until the final pictures are more presentable to public…….

I always think that digital drawings are not “real skill” (真功夫), like the real drawings.

TS gave his two cents worth of opinion:  

“Photoshop drawing is also an art, may be a digital art...... that requires real effort too.

From Cavemen using stone to draw until we have Photoshop to draw now, there are progresses made to the tool for the artists to draw. It is not the tool but what the artists that matters.

What the artists want to show the world on their visionary pieces is more important, regardless of the tools used.

If Photoshop is available to Da Vinci, he would use it to create other masterpieces that were not possible with paint and brush. Of course, he may still continue to use paint and brush…. Each has his own preference at times.”

Some of the drawings were modified by using digital tools:


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